Monthly Archives: August 2018

3 Areas of Focus for Consistently High-Quality Content

OK, I’m just going to say it. In today’s world, publishing second-rate content is a total waste of time. There’s no point in contributing to the growing pile of mediocrity. It wastes your time, and, worse, it wastes your audience’s time. Sometimes I’ll see a marketer complaining that: “I spent two years doing all of that blogging and […]

10 Modern Proofreading Tips to Catch More Avoidable Goofs

Traditionally, proofreading is a separate task from editing. And I still treat the two as different activities. However, the creative benefits of a consistent proofreading process surpass the classic definition of proofreading. Modern content marketers can take advantage of proofreading to avoid the all-too-common extremes of caring too little or too muchabout your content. Caring too little about your content is […]

Why ‘You’re Not Your Audience’ Isn’t Always Great Advice

“You are not your audience” reminds us to question assumptions and never stop learning about the people we aim to persuade. But I have a bone to pick with this advice. It has a darker side, one that separates us from the people we try to serve, and enables our worst marketing selves. If you’re a […]

Set the Strategic Goals that Drive Your Content Marketing

Are we talking about a YouTube “let’s play” gaming video? A clever tweet from a big brand? Or maybe a blog post or podcast episode? Because that word content is there, the content format is where most people seem to focus. But the type of content isn’t nearly as important as the strategic goals that inform it. […]

How Successful Marketing Writers Plan Their Content

The client, excited to get started on blog content together, had a running list of topics for me to cover. But then something strange happened. When I asked for background information on their content objectives (like potential CTAs, a list of targeted SEO keywords, etc.), I got this response:   What happens when you don’t set business […]