How Successful Marketing Writers Plan Their Content

The client, excited to get started on blog content together, had a running list of topics for me to cover.

But then something strange happened.

When I asked for background information on their content objectives (like potential CTAs, a list of targeted SEO keywords, etc.), I got this response:


What happens when you don’t set business goals for content?

Too many times, I’ve tried to go along with the “just winging it” approach.

The problem is:

With no business goals in place, the content doesn’t do anything worthwhile for the client — and it makes me look bad. It makes me look like I don’t know how to do my job as a writer and experienced content marketer, despite the client’s wishes to “play it by ear.”

In my experience, without clear business goals for content, the writer has a much harder job as he tries to execute valuable, results-producing material.


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